Spitalfields Festival

Winter 2002


The images viewable here show some of the spreads from the Winter Catalogue.

Michael Vogt made a series of photographs of 19 Princelet Street, a former synogogue, now the Museum of Immigration and Diversity, which is seldom open to the public due to the fragility of the building. This Grade 11* listed building was constructed in 1719 for a Huguenot silk merchant, Peter Abraham Ogiers but became a synagogue in 1869, the second oldest in London. In the 1930s the basement was used as a meeting place for the anti-facist movement, including the Battle of Cable Street, against Oswald Moseley’s Blackshirts. In the 1980s the house revealed another secret when the attic was opened; writings in fifteen different languages were found there, apparently left by Mr Rodinsky who disappeared in 1969. The authors Rachel Litchenstein and Iain Sinclair have written a book about the story, entitled Rodinsky’s Room (2000).

Participating students include:


Michael Vogt

December 2002

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